Moving IN the Pull APART part 1

In the storms of LifeAlways seek to SEE the sONshineno matter what (6)Yesterday was MOVE-IN day for our youngest and as we set out on I65 South to get him settled into Mobile, AL by 2PM, God was planning my “PULL APART” for 1012AM. Most often we hear, “COME APART” used to describe that moment when we just can’t take any more of the stuff that’s coming for our PEACE, our UNDERSTANDING, our FAMILIES. But see God knew He was going to have to PULL me over and PULL away everything that I was carry on that highway. I woke up SET on being EXTRA!! I was upset with my son, my husband and the plan was not to address anything but get him dropped off as quickly as possible and back home in total silence because I wasn’t feeling anyone AND I wanted them to know it!!! Let’s get this gas and GO!!

We get to Prattville and I’m pushing IT in the passing lane!! I press the gas pedal and there is no acceleration. I press the pedal again and still nothing. I look over at my husband and say – I’m not getting any power.  As I prepare to slide from left to right to get to the soft shoulder, it was like God opened the way and the path was made clear. So here we sat as my husband gets out to see what’s wrong and tells me he’s going to walk back to the exit to get what he thinks will help the car. At that moment, God began to slowly pull pieces. Before I knew it, I was in tears!! Unable to speak, barely listening and all you could hear, was me – SOBBING and SNOTTING TEARS!! Those tears were angry, disappointed, crushed, appalled and hot.

Sitting in my tears, my STORM I couldn’t see anything!!! I was so focused on the storm that I didn’t see the husband and pregnant wife pullover and get out to check on me. The couple that was experiencing their own bad day but knew what it felt like to be where I was and wanted to help. The couple that drove up an exit, got back on the interstate going I65 North to pick up my husband from the Chevron one exit back and then take him to get what he needed so we could get off that interstate. I don’t recall if I thanked God for sending them, but I thanked them for their hospitality.

STILL sitting in my STORM, once again I miss the 2nd car that pulls up behind me and offers his help. This time it’s a Dad and his daughter who saw us as they were traveling I65 North (on the opposite side of the interstate) and as they were headed back home saw us still there. He talks with my husband and tells him what he thinks it might be and that he could not leave us on that INTERSTATE and whatever he needed to do to get us off there, he would. He sat there with us, until my husband returned. All while I’m sitting in disbelief and all I can say is REALLY GOD?!?!

2 thoughts on “Moving IN the Pull APART part 1

  1. LOL!! It’s amazing how you started this blog yesterday and had a STORM. My favorite part is how you said you woke up and was set on EXTRA but God showed you differently. I guess HE said he’s all the extra you will need!! Only God can change our STORM to a rainbow 🌈.

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