His Shield

In the storms of LifeAlways seek to SEE the sONshineno matter what (9)“God made a curtain with the smoke, shielding us from what we were not ready to see” ~ World Trade Center the movie

This statement is full of WOW!!  It is the most profound thing I’ve heard today!!

In our lives, we WILL come against things that God hasn’t prepared us for, so He hides us, He protects us, He shields us. His shielding applies to EVERYTHING in our lives – hiding us from us, our enemies – those hidden and in plain view, relationships, promotions, denials and even platforms that we are BUILT to stand onto spread His word and love BUT just are not ready for yet. There are so many things that we each have a desire for but until we are ready to SEE and CONQUER them, God will keep us shielded. So many want the blessing and promises of God but until we understand that those things are going to cost us, He SHIELDS. With each new blessing, new level, new dimension there will also come, new enemies, new distractions, new obstacles and we have got to know how to FIGHT those things and KEEP MOVING FORWARD or we will abort the blessing.

In the beginning of my walk with God, He shielded me until I was ready to be exposed to the elements. When He finally lifted the shield, He allowed me to SEE and experience hurt from the place that most feel protected – the church.  Through that experience, I learned how to really LOVE God and His people. I learned that in spite of a person’s position, they/we are still human and as humans we ALL make mistakes. But the most valuable lesson I learned was what NOT to do when it comes to God and His people. I know if He had not been there to shield ME FROM ME, I would have risen and His VISION for my life could have been derailed or aborted. God has a plan for each of us, a plan that was written before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. But to SEE His VISION through, sometimes OUR vision must be CLOUDY.

Just because your VISION looks cloudy right now, DON’T GIVE UP!!! Keep WORKING, keep PRAYING, keep PUSHING because eventually the smoke WILL clear and you WILL emerge with a new outlook, a force to be reckoned with!!!

Faith clears our VISION to see His VISION.

Stay blessed Loves and continue to Live YOUR Life with PURPOSE

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