The Whisper That FREES

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For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ear ~ Job 33:14-16a


God visits in our dreams. He prepares us through our dreams. He warns through our dreams. He encourages us through our dreams. Most times we don’t understand them but there is a message there. Some messages are for us to rebuke the hand of the enemy, while others are for us to see God’s plans ahead of time. In those dreams, God will give us insight into what is to come. Our dreams help to increase our prayer life concerning lots of things.

I remember there was a season of my life where God’s presence was so HEAVY in my dreams. From the caterpillar and the spider that was there to let me know that as long as I have water – God’s Word – with me through my process, I can FIGHT off anything and survive. Down to the departure of friends that I thought I would be connected to forever. To often we take our dreams for granted and I think that’s because we don’t realize that can be an important time of communication between us and God.

Do all dreams mean something? YES!!! If you ate something weird late at night, that dream is going to be PRETTY weird and it tells you, DON’T EAT THAT AGAIN!! LOL!! But seriously, no they all will not mean anything and some will come from the worry thoughts we carry around in our heads, which is why we should always seek God for peaceful rest. Be mindful of the things we allow to WHISPER in our ears, our spirit by way of television, books and even what we’ve heard other people say. Some dreams come to shake our prayer life. They will come to push us to our knees before God. To lay prostrate on the bathroom floor and just call out to Him for guidance. They’ll PUSH us to seek His face more. They’ll PUSH us to know His word so when the enemy (those nightmares) shows up, we have THE POWER in our MOUTHS to rebuke him back into the pits of hell!!!

Dreams will come that make absolutely no sense to us at the time but in due season, God will reveal why He sent that dream to you. For the most part, our dreams are always a sign of what’s to come. As I mentioned earlier, a dream let me know some friends would soon depart from a season of my life. That dream played out EXACTLY like it was going to happen so that when it did, I wouldn’t be caught off guard. But guess what?! I was still caught off guard!! It wasn’t because of their departure but the way the departure took place. See I held them to such a high standard and I expected too much from them so God had to show me that people are people BUT He, is never changing!! If we can’t accept the subtle hints that God sends us regarding letting things go – He will just close the door for us!! When I look back, if He hadn’t done it the way He did it, I don’t know where I would be on my journey. Too often we stay connected too long to things, people and places that if God doesn’t sever the ties, we’ll miss our boat or delay our flight!! In ALL things, God creates a lesson which is why we must keep our eyes and hearts open to receive what He’s trying to tell us, even when it hurts.

So pay attention to your sleep conversations with God. Keep pen and paper by your bed to write down what you saw and look over it again once fully awake. Always seek God and ask Him what, if anything He wants to teach you from a dream and if He doesn’t reveal anything, move on!! Because if it’s meant for you, God will bring it back to your memory. Otherwise sleep well and stay RESTED in God!!

Stay Blessed

One thought on “The Whisper That FREES

  1. Oh my God!!! I needed that Whisper!! It has helped to answer questions I have been seeking to understand for sooooo long in my life!
    Keep Up the Excellent Encouragement!
    I need it!
    Love you Sis,

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