Simple and Small

In the storms of LifeAlways seek to SEE the sONshineno matter what (13)The SIMPLE and SMALL STUFF!!!!

Lord snatch away the SIMPLE and SMALL stuff that has our destiny, our purpose on PAUSE!! SNATCH every PETTY thing out of our hearts, out of our MINDS, out of our MOUTHS!!! Give US a clean bill of mental health!!! FREE our minds of EVERYTHING that comes to cause STAGNATION in our LIVES!! RENEW our minds in YOU!!! Lord, we TRUST YOU!!! We trust YOUR NEW THING that lives in US!!!

We are LETTING GO of the SMALL and SIMPLE stuff!!!

Stay BLESSED, LET IT GO and keep WALKING in your DESTINY!!!

♥Love YOU

One thought on “Simple and Small

  1. Lord, God. Thank you for my Sister encouraging words of guidance. Continue to allow her words wisdom to flow from her heart to reach us all.
    In Jesus Name.

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