Transitioned for the Blessing

In the storms of LifeAlways seek to SEE the sONshineno matter what (14)

Whether you experience transition under your feet, in your heart, or both, the Lord is using it FOR YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU. He is bringing YOU to a NEW place for the PURPOSE of BLESSING YOU. We can trust CHANGE IS NOT a life HINDRANCE, BUT a LIFE OCCURRENCE acting AS a STEPPING-STONE toward GOD’S BEST FOR US ~ Kristen Strong 

The transition is NOT reversal, it’s NOT backwards. To transition means to GO ACROSS. Every transition we encounter is to move US from level to level, dimension to dimension, faith to faith and glory to glory. God did NOT transition you for you to go back to business as usual. This is YOUR opportunity to make a change, be the difference!! Get out the BOAT, GO THROUGH cause all WE need is OVER THERE with Him!! Our ability to transition can be the break that SOMEONE else needs to know that if God took you through, I KNOW He can do it for me!! You’re not HERE for YOU!! #WalkInIt

Stay blessed!!!

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