In the storms of LifeAlways seek to SEE the sONshineno matter what (17)That moment when you’re able to see God’s movement IN your life.

Reflection brings Revelation.

Sometimes God will bring you back around to certain things, situations, people just so that YOU can see where He’s brought you from. Just so you can see His hand IN your life, your family, your vision. But also just so He can SHIFT you, REFOCUS you.

We’re living with a GRATEFUL heart in spite of, we’re smiling with a THANKFUL spirit in spite of….you know why? Because He’s given us another chance to SEE our way through. Because there’s a YES over our lives and to get there we gotta GO through. Because I KNOW if I CHALLENGE it, He will CHANGE it. IT meaning to resist the enemy when you want to go off on people, fall into temptation, simply put – just not do right. Ohhhhhhhhh BUT when we’re able to not react, God acts for us. I know a MAN!!

Stay blessed Loves and MOVE in the MOMENTS !!

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