Bruised Bananas

So if you know me, you know that I am very very particular about my bananas. They have to have a certain look, color and taste in order for me to eat them. I even know when a banana has come from Aldi and I don’t eat those 😂🤣. So this morning I’m in the car and I move my rain jacket and there’s a banana I had planned on eating yesterday. The banana is battered and bruised up and I don’t want it but I hear ”Girl, eat that banana!! It’s good!!” So I eat it and IT IS GOOD!!!

Yes, we can get roughed up from the way people handle us and the way we handle people. But don’t let the bruising on the OUTSIDE cause you to devalue the GOODNESS on the INSIDE of you. You were created for GOOD!!! So be the GREAT in this world!!

Stay Blessed Loves💕💜

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