Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever ~ Hebrews 13:6

Yesterday was a pretty normal and beautiful day. Our neighbor’s daughter was still celebrating her Quinceañera with authentic tacos, paletas and just enjoying the moment with family and friends. It really was just another beautiful day on my block. Yesterday was a day that showed me and any other wife on our block, that our husbands are the HEAD and not the tail, that they are ABOVE and not beneath and yesterday is definitely proof that God‘s coverage is real.

Yesterday I’d left home to go and have a quick social distancing Girl’s Day out and when I returned home, I noticed that the celebrating was kinda over which isn’t the norm, especially since I was only gone maybe 2 hours. Yesterday, when I returned only the men on my block were visible. Every wife, daughter and child under the age of 13, were no where to be found. As I approach our front porch, I see my husband in his usual spot leaning over the railing. What I didn’t know was that these men were in protector mode because something very unexpected had just happened on our block.

Yesterday was the day that God turned an almost tragedy into nothing short of a triumph win. See, in the few seconds it took for me to drive down our street, it took those same seconds moments later for two kids to drive up our street, park and one gets out with a mask on and gun in hand to turn yesterday upside down. But God showed up and placed His HAND in the midst of that moment.  

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not ~ Jeremiah 33:3

Many months before yesterday, God told me to pray for my block and to pray for my neighbors just as I do for my husband and children, especially our sons. He said pray those same, exact prayers that place hedges of protection around them no matter where they are, over your neighbors and their children. I did it, but I really thought the prayers were for some other reason. Yesterday showed me that our prayers to God are for EVERY reason and they rarely fall out of season.

As, they looked back over the camera footage with the police, one neighbor notices that the kid’s gun appears to have jammed and because of this jam, he jumped back in the car and they fled. Yesterday, God protected our block in a way that none of us expected. Yesterday, God showed how important He is to our everyday lives. Yesterday, God showed me that He still hears me because I still hear Him. Often in this life, we will feel disconnected from God but if we can continue to pray inspite of our emotions, it’s proof that we’re still His and He is still ours. 

So keep praying!!

pray without ceasing ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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