2020 Perspective

Before I go to bed tonight, I just wanted to share something with you guys. Yes, 2020 has been hard. It’s served us what appears to be more losses than gains but remember this – 2020 is about new vision but most importantly, new perspectives.

So when you say, “Just throw the whole year away” or “2020 is garbage” do you know that YOUR mouth has the ability to set your year in motions. Please look for the lessons that God is trying to teach you this year. He knew we would be right here in this place of closed buildings and masks. That’s why this is an opportunity for you, me, us to open our mouths and SPEAK to Him so He can help us peel off every mask that covers our hearts, our character, our integrity.

Even in THIS, God CAN and WILL move on our behalf but we gotta be believing and speaking the right stuff!! 2020 is still a good year because if God can make dry bones MOVE again, He can surely DO IT for you and I in this place!! #Ezekiel37

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