His Purpose His Timing

There’s this thing that I do and I’ve only shared it with a small group of friends and some family. This thing is something that I LOVE to do; however, I won’t do it if there is any part of me that’s spiritually depleted. This may sound weird to so many of you but because this thing is God lead, I have to be very mindful of my heart space and my head space when I create any parts of it simply because I know the true meaning for every creation. I don’t create it for coins but I know that’s why He gave it me. I create it because of the reasons He told me to do it.

As we set out into the new year, make sure your reasons for doing everything God has told you to do, is genuinely for the PURPOSE that God has told you to do it. People will come to you with ideas and it’s okay to consider them but if God hasn’t told you to do it – DON’T DO IT!! Yep, you got everything to do IT, everything to make IT happen but if God hasn’t confirm IT, don’t you touch IT!! Let them say what they want to say about what you did and didn’t do. You walk in PEACE knowing that you did exactly what God told you to do. There’s no need to rush because in His timing the floodgates will open WIDE for you and you won’t be able to contain the overflow!! Trust Him!! Time is not running out, it’s just beginning Loves♥️

#ForPeaceSake #EveryCrookedPathIsStraight #NoConfusion #IWillArriveOnTime #GodsGrace

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