Thank You God

As my husband and I sat really reflecting on 2020 and how it impacted us and our family, we realized that we gained a lot during this year, and we thank God with all that is in us. Yes, we encountered personal challenges but through it all we persevered. Even amid the ugliest moments, God kept us. He covered our minds and our hearts. He grew our entire family more than we know, and we all won a lot of private battles. He opened eyes and ears to Him in ways that I could never imagine. And for that we say, “Thank You God”.

God has kept every immunocompromised person in our family covered from sickness. He did not allow anyone in our family to lose their jobs and not recover quickly. He shifted many of our family to work from home positions when just months or years earlier, companies where saying this was impossible. He opened doors for some of our homes to be fully renovated while others were refinanced at lower interest rates. He pulled some students back into higher learning classrooms, entrepreneurs were born, and careers were reborn. He made the transition for virtual and remote learning easier for many in our family by having someone always available to help with the continued success for our younger students. And for that we say, “Thank You God”.

In the last 40 days of 2020, Covid-19 found its way to some family member BUT God!! He kept their symptoms mild and they have recovered with no residue!! He blessed us with unmerited favor in 2020. And for that we say, “Thank You God”.

I do not say any of this to brag but to make us aware of God’s goodness and to let us know that it is okay for us to speak out loud concerning our blessings even while others are going through. Because as long as we stay in a humble position, God will always deliver our words correctly. So, as we enter 2021, hold tight to gratefulness and every good thing that we learned last year. If you had to let some people, places and things go, do not sit in your feelings about it, learn from it!! In 2021, be gracious with grace and hand it out freely to all whom you encounter because no matter what last year looked like, God handed out a lot of grace to us. And for that we say, “Thank You God”.

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