Love Insights Await


My name is Marquitta Hardy-King and I’m here to add to your life as we make it a priority to SMILE AT THE STORMS of life. I’m here to add love, insight, inspiration and prayerfully a shift in our perspectives. Life is a process and like any process things will be added and subtracted to get our life recipe just right. 

Hang in there with me as we take this journey together. We will grow together, laugh together, cry together and celebrate life together. I can promise you that I will be transparent and I will seek to always provide compassion in every area. Since this is a new door for me, changes will take place when and only when God says they are necessary. So expect my personal opinion on this journey but know that God will ALWAYS be apart of it. I may post things that we may not see eye to eye on but I know it will only inspire us to have healthy open dialects so we can still show love regardless!!

So let’s get ready to MOVE something!!! And always remember no matter the weather, we are COVERED by the ultimate protection – Our Father in heaven, Christ Jesus.

Stay Blessed and Love ALWAYS,


5 thoughts on “Love Insights Await

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  1. So I finally carved out time to check out your blog. It is was of those things I really wanted to devote my attention to and as I expected nothing your blog is nothing short of marvelous. God is using you in a mighty way. From the very first time I met you (although the encounter was brief) I felt something about you – you had magic and God is allowing you to bless others like me through you. To God be the glory! Let him use you and may we all receive blessings from your gift through your words of encouragement and enlightenment, and may we all “smile at the storms” as we journey throughout this life.

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    1. I will not cry….I will not cry 💕❤️
      Thank you and I love you!! God has a way of giving us bravery through others. Watching you embrace a task that you didn’t like but giving it nothing short of GREATNESS, helped me to MOVE forward into this world. So I thank God for our connection. Your ability to be TRANSPARENT is LIFE!!! So don’t you stop sharing because God is also using you in a MIGHTY way!!!


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