It’s in the Tone

For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people ~ 1 Peter 2:15. When something is for you or not for you, God will change the tone of it for your ears. I remember when my husband was just a client at the company that I... Continue Reading →


That moment when you're able to see God's movement IN your life. Reflection brings Revelation. Sometimes God will bring you back around to certain things, situations, people just so that YOU can see where He's brought you from. Just so you can see His hand IN your life, your family, your vision. But also just... Continue Reading →


Ever just sat and picked at a band-aid and then realized the more you picked at it, the more what was supposed to protect you, hurt to pull off? That's how an OFFENSE is....we pack those things that we think will protect us on top of it like pride, arrogance, isolation and go about our... Continue Reading →

Cracked But Usable 

In THIS life, I want my breaks to be visible for others. Because if others can see my cracks, my flaws - they'll know we serve a MIGHTY God and if He can use ME, then there is NO past OR present faults or issues that can stop Him from shining through YOU!!! His GRACE... Continue Reading →

Simple and Small

The SIMPLE and SMALL STUFF!!!! Lord snatch away the SIMPLE and SMALL stuff that has our destiny, our purpose on PAUSE!! SNATCH every PETTY thing out of our hearts, out of our MINDS, out of our MOUTHS!!! Give US a clean bill of mental health!!! FREE our minds of EVERYTHING that comes to cause STAGNATION in... Continue Reading →

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